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Scratches in your cars paint are not only unsightly, but will cause a negetive effect to your cars resale value.
Neglecting to have your cars scratches or chipped paintwork repaired can lead to further issues such as peeling
lacquer and rust problems, leading to avoidable escalating repair costs in the future.
A typical scratch repair will take just a few hours to complete from start to finish. All paint types are matched
using the manufacturer's original colour code specification.

Whether you have a single scratch or multiple scratches and scuffs A1 Body Guard can quickly and conveniently
restore your cars paint at an affordable price.
Previously car paint repair was inconvienient and costly and the only choice was to
put your car into car body repair shop.

A1 Body Guard has made that a thing of the past, not only are our repairs upto
70% less expensive compare to a body shop would charge you and we repair the
damaged to your car at your convenience either at your home or work place. There
are no excuses now to leave detrimental scratches and chips unattended.
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Paint Scratches