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If your car has factory fitted alloy wheels or you have invested in buying
aftermarket alloy wheels the chances are that you want to keep them looking
pristine, thus maintining the appearance of your car and its resale value.

Alloy wheels are usually the first thing people tend to look at as in most
cases they are silver and shiny.

If your wheels have scuffs and curb damage to them it detracts from the
appearance of your vehicle no matter how well maintained the body work is.

We at A1 Body Guard not only specialise in paint repairs to your bumpers and
body panels, but we can refurbish your precious alloy wheels back to pristine

This is also is a mobile service that we can offer so there is absolutely no
inconvenience to you and is carried out at a fraction of the cost of buying
new wheels for your car.
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Alloy Wheels